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Chef's Specials

Chef's Specials
Sizzling jumbo shrimp
plump gulf shrimp sauteed with fresh mushroom, baby corn, and snow peas.
Crispy ginger shrimp
chef's own sweet ginger sauce over light battered plump gulf shrimps.

Crispy Shrimp
Chef's Specials (Cont.)
Asparagus sauteed with shrimp/chicken $15.95/$13.50
Crispy beef with black pepper and onion
crispy beef in seasoned black pepper and onion.
Jumbo scallop with asparagus and baby corn $19.55
Chef's Specials (Cont.)
Chicken almond crust with lemon sauce
lemon sauce over chicken breast with crusted almond slices.
Salt and pepper fried calamari (appetizer) $9.25
Coconut shrimp with sweet and sour honey mustard sauce (appetizer) $9.20